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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Celebrate Your Child’s Progress

Congratulations! You are now a proud mother of a beautiful baby. You’ve been through a lot during your pregnancy and delivery, a rollercoaster ride filled with new and fascinating emotions. You may even had questions, doubts, and fears as you held that screaming newborn in your arms. But more than the emotional ride, you now have a reason to celebrate as you're given a chance to witness and care for this baby as he or she grows into a teenager.

Speaking of celebration, you don’t want to miss any milestone your baby makes until he reaches his teenage years, do you? So, here’s a list of what you can do to document the growth of a child.

Take as many pictures as you can.

This is probably one of the many popular things that new mothers do, especially during the first few years of their baby’s childhood. Now that you will have the chance to do what many moms do, you can start by contacting baby photographers from Perth or any photography studio near your vicinity. You can keep the photo in an album or ask for a photographic wall art to display in your house. You don’t have to worry since these baby photographers from Perth have the skills and the experience so you know your baby will be comfortable during the photo shoot.

After the newborn photograph, you can continue documenting the growth of your child until he becomes a teenager. Or, you can also continue taking a photograph until he reaches the mature age. It’s up to you.

Write down his development.

A journal of achievement and development, from childhood to teenage years, may bring a lot of happiness to you and to your child. Reading it together can be very fun too; you will be able to reminisce the good times and he will know what he was like as a child. You may never forget the day he made that first step but through time, you might accumulate a lot of memories whose specific details you might forget. So before it’s too late, write them down now.

Create a memory box.

Collect all the things that have a sentimental value to you and your child. As he grows into a kid and eventually into a teenager, you will accumulate so many things that you will need a memory box to store everything. You can fill it up with the photos; starting with the pictures that newborn photographer from Perth took until his teenage years. You can also put some of their clothes or memorable pieces. You can also save your baby’s booties until they turn into big shoes. This is your chance of reminiscing all the precious once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Give him a party.

To celebrate the most important milestones of your child’s life, you can also give him a party. You can invite his playtime friends and entertain them with a professional children’s entertainer while you attend to other party things. Since professional kid’s entertainers generally provide action-packed shows as well as fun games and prizes, he will be able to remember the party for a long time. But how will you find the right type of party entertainment?

First, make sure that the games and the shows offered are suitable for your child and his guest’s age. Second, you have to know how long they’re going to do the show and how much is their professional fee. Most importantly, you have to know their reputation so you might want to ask around for referrals or at least for some customer reviews.

Are you now ready to start the celebration?


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